Family Law Resources

Abuse and Assault Resources

Houston Area Women’s Center

Domestic Violence 713-528-2121
Sexual Assault 713-528-7273
TDD Line 713-528-3691
Outside of Area 800-256-0661

Natioal Center for Victims of Abuse 1-800-394-2255

Women’s Center of Brazoria County

Angleton Office 979-849-9553
Alvin Office 281-585-0904

New Horizon Family Center (Baytown)

Main Line 281-428-8707
Crisis Hotline 800-824-4807
Alternative Line 281-422-2292

Martin Luther King Center (Conroe) 936-788-2468

Resource & Crisis Center of Galveston County

Toll Free 888-919-7233
Local 409-765-7233

Focusing Families (Hempstead)

Crisis 979-826-0000
Fax 979-826-0332
Toll Free 877-237-2339
Brenham Office 979-251-8808


Parenting Classes

Escape 713-942-9500

Children in the Middle 713-468-8356

Parents Apart 281-333-5866

Family Education Inst 713-688-9122

De Pelchin 713-730-2335

Stop the Conflict 713-520-5370

Building new Beginnings 713-942-9500

Family Time Crisis Center 281-446-2615

Puting Kids First 888-77-2298 ext. 221

Suggested ParentingClasses for Adoption

Escape 713-942-9500

Online Pareting Classes

Positive Parenting Through Divorce

Parenting Partnerships

Puting Kids First

Parenting Choice

Online Parent Class