How long do you have in Houston, TX before a Will needs to be filed for probate?

Generally, you actually have four years starting from the day of the death of the decedent in order to file his/her Will for probate. Although there is limited exception that applies with Muniment of Title form of probate, but the general rule is that you can’t file for the Will in over four years following the date of the decedent. In case the Will’s never filed, and the four years lapses, the Decedent will be treated and considered that he/she died without Will, and the heirs determined by the Texas law are entitled with the Decedent assets. A lawyer in Houston, Texas will be able to satisfy you with answers to your questions regarding probate law. Call Blasingame Whitley, your Houston attorneys, to make an appointment to discuss the details of your particular case in Houston, Texas.

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